My name is Cristel Severijnen (Eindhoven, 1971). In my drawings I've always found support, an outlet in which I can say anything without having to use words. My work is mainly described as intuitive.


The work is shaped from an emotion that mirrors my own feelings, or it's an illustration of the emotions and/or experience that I sence with another person.


In the past the works were solely autobiographical drawings and sketches that existed mainly of desolate, negative emotions. Nowadays I draw for myself and for others intuitively and always from a positive standpoint.

"What I can't say I can draw." This is an old saying of mine that still counts. That is probably the reason why drawing has always been so important to me througout my life. It hasn't always been easy and being able to translate a feeling to an image has given me to this day comfort, peace and healing.

For me, transferring a feeling onto paper is something that comes straight from my heart. A pure feeling, a pure emotion that finds her way onto the paper. This is my way of drawing. I find it beautiful when people recognize themselves with their own feelings and emotions in my artwork, or when they are triggered by the images that someone else has of them.


The works consist of  pencil-, colourpencil-, pastel-, fineliner-, cotter-pin-, and chalkdrawings and combinations of all materials mentioned above.

In high school I had drawing as a major subject, from where I've developed autodidactic. My work is characterized with an own style that holds a lot of personal symbolism and shapes.